What they say…

“I do believe death is the end, and I think that thought should help you through the grieving process. You can appreciate their life for what it is worth and feel truly that it is at peace. I do not like the idea of heaven as it is represented in the Bible. I think it is a tool used to make people live their lives in a certain way and to make them feel guilty or even scare them into it with a threat of hell. I find it hard to picture where the soul is. If our thoughts all come from our brains, how are they personalised when all it is, is muscle, surely there is something else.” Elise Ashley

“This has made me think that you have to think about other people’s feelings when you make decisions in life. I think that it is important to get a balance between fun and work during life. I believe that a lie is only bad/should not be told if it harms someone.” Lizzie Scarth

“I believe that death isn’t a happy experience but you should embrace it and not avoid it although it is not a happy time. People die every day, it is a natural part of life that happens to everyone but people are scared of it and what may happen to them. I think everyone should be able to have their own opinions on life after death. E.g. Religious people are often told what to think.” Chloe Rymer

“I think that people fear death or the dark because they are scared of the unknown.” Matthew Denison

“I think it’s interesting to think of death etc in different ways. I think it would be useful to know when we are going to die, so you can plan the rest of your life out fully but it would be weird, and some things are meant to happen. It would be impossible to ever know things like this.” Harriet Gardner

“My experiences of people dying is that there is another life after this life, but that death is a very upsetting topic of conversation because the people who are left behind still have feelings about the person who has died. There is no plus side to people dying unless they are in so much pain and it will stop them being in pain if they die.” Katie Williams

“I think that you have to deal with death and move on, have a positive happy life with lots of friends and family.” Joe Shepherd

This reminded me of the brightness of colour in the meadow which Holly and George saw so I thought I’d send it to you. Loved the book – thank you! Les Ronaldson





 “I understand that for some people, having a happy image of life beyond death can help them with grief, but I don’t think it helps them accept that the person is gone, and that they will never see them again.”

“In life, you cannot always do what you want. It’s selfish and will often hurt others. Take a girl with anorexia. She knows that she is killing herself, but is OK with that, because she is not scared of death, and is fine starving herself. Should her parents let her, just because she has a right to do as she chooses.”

“Is life one stage of a greater journey? Do we choose our path or is it already decided? Is happiness the absence of sadness and grief?”

“I don’t believe that life has to have a happy ending. Death is death, death is sad, but we shouldn’t have to search for a solution to the problem. Why isn’t the sadness just a factor which makes us appreciate happiness more?”

“Things about life after death, why do people need to care so much, it’s always an unknown, if you’re thinking too much of it, it will not give you any good, it will only make you worry. Who cares about heaven or hell? Even if you have a bad past, just “forget the past, stop worrying about the future, and enjoy the living time now!”

“Death happens to everyone at some point, it cannot (and in my opinion should not) be avoided completely. Whatever life you have had, it should be valued by you and not necessarily anyone else. Death is not scary so long as I enjoy life.”

“I don’t know if there’s a life after death, so I’ll just do my best to make people happy in this life and be happy with that.”

“I believe that people should have a positive view in life. If there were to be another life after this one that still does not mean you should take this life for granted as afterlife cannot be proven. It is simply a matter of opinion. When people make decisions they should always consider how it will affect others.”

“This talk has put grieving into a more positive light – you are not alone in your grief.”

“I felt as though the book is rather controversial, will turn a few heads, but could do rather well.”

“Death doesn’t bother me at all. You can’t change anything once it has been done and nor can you change the particular timeline your existence follows. Emotions are a waste of time when you could be doing something more positive and enjoy yourself.”

“People shouldn’t fear death, it is the last chapter of life. To enjoy life and value what you have in it you have to understand that like all good things they may have to come to an end eventually. I think that if we presume a role of heaven or paradise we equally have to counteract that with an idea of hell or a ‘bad’ place. Otherwise life loses its values of importance.”

“Death is not something that can easily be forgotten but it isn’t something that should control your actions or opinions. Grief can make you do positive or negative things but if it lasts too long even positive grief can have a negative impact.”

“Speaking from experience it may feel bad to laugh or smile at first but overall from a lost loved one they would want to smile and laugh. So you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Recently my parents were close to splitting up and I felt really bad but I felt so much better talking about it so don’t be afraid to tell anyone.”

“I thought that the idea that the people who have died may be watching you from heaven and that they haven’t completely disappeared for good is very comforting.”

“I think that the book will serve as a comfort to people especially young people who have recently lost someone close to them but it might give them false hope. I don’t think that grief can be seen as a positive thing and a grieving person can only comfort themselves.”

“I think there must be life after death because it makes no sense to not have.”

“Today’s talk has solidified my opinions on life and death that I didn’t really realise I felt before. Thank you.”